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"I have been getting massages routinely for over 30 years, and having moved around quite a bit, I have had a number of massage therapists. Sandra is an excellent massage therapist in so many ways. She is passionate about what she does and that shows in her work. She is very knowledgeable about the muscles, tendons, etc., so she knows what needs to be done. She cares about her clients; she will ask if you need something especially worked on, and if you do, she will spend some extra time working on that area. I like the extra touches she does such as wrapping a warm, damp towel around your feet, while she works on your legs. She also uses a hot stone on your feet and using the stone reflexology points. For those who like head work, she incorporates that into her session along with some great neck stretches. She works out of a stand alone building so it is private and very welcoming. I do not give recommendations lightly, but I highly recommend Sandra Russo. --S.N.R. 

"Wonderful presence, wonderful session‎. It is absolutely my pleasure to be writing this review after receiving another excellent massage from Sandra today. As a massage therapist, I look for certain aspects when receiving from other massage therapists, and Sandra fills my needs wonderfully. She is a skilled practitioner who brings a calming presence into her massage sessions and allows you to relax completely into another world for a while, even as she coaxes sore muscles into submission. She really does know what a Body Kneads! " -- A.P.

"An absolute pleasure and a true professional! A master at her craft that goes beyond the call. You can tell when someone truly loves their work by the effort that they put into it. This is the case with Sandra. Suffering with many years of back pain, I have been to many therapists trying to find the right one. I stopped looking when I had my first massage here. Highly recommended!" -- D.M.

"What an awesome experience. Put me completely at ease and released built up stress. I actually fell asleep during my massage. I would highly recommend Sandra as your personal therapeutic massage therapist." -- J.R.

"Anyone who wants a great massage should go to Sandra. She not only gives you your moneys worth, she goes above and beyond to make sure she gives you the best massage she can give. She genuinely cares about your wellness and it shows in her massage treatments. She’s the real deal and I wouldn't go to anyone else." -- K.R.

"After battling blocked sinuses for months, with numerous visits to the doctors and antibiotics, I decided to take things into my own hands, or should I say Sandra's hands. After just one deep facial massage session, I could feel the pressure go away from my face. I followed up with two more sessions and a facial. What a relief!!! I cannot believe how much a difference this has made after months of doctors trial and error. Thanks Sandra!!!! You're the BEST!! " -- J.A.

"My massage experience with Sandra was fabulous! Her knowledge of the body, her energy, and professionalism, all contributed to my feeling safe and able to truly relax and enjoy the experience. I recommend that if you are looking for a great massage, give Sandra a call! " -- D.C.

"Sandra, I am soo happy that I started sessions with you. I am so comfortable and relaxed before and after our sessions. Your calm spirit and soft hands make the experience both enjoyable and relaxing. I would recommend you to my best friends and family members as well as complete strangers." -- M.M.

"Sandra is wonderful. Great presence, skilled, effective, but gentle; I'm so pleased after every session. Highly relaxing but still strong/extremely therapeutic for muscle tension, joint pain, posture and alignment in general. Two massages have had a hugely positive impact on my alignment, muscle pain, tension, energy and mood. " -- H.M.

"I have been going to Sandra for massage for the past 3 years. She is the best. Always giving her individual attention to the person's needs. After a massage from Sandra, I feel like I'm floating on air." -- E.E.